by Voli feat. Elite

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    Off Voli's sampler "Glass Doors"



Guitar: Jorge Gavidia
Piano: Aliah Sheffield


"Sunrise Feat. Elite" (Prod. J. Cole/Voli)

Hey wake up, sunrise is coming up.
I tell em let him get his legs like a new born,
fit himself let him get his suit on and feel like a gentleman.
Stand on his two own,
never be the tutor just let him be the future
instead of being the ruler.
You can set him free to do the things he never dreamed sooner.
He gotta be his own man.
He'll never be what you was, ya better be cooler,
cuz negativity can spread better than a rumor
and you can be the root of what be spreadin like a tumor
or you can be the root of something heavenly to bloom up
and blossom like a concrete flower.
The challenge of everyday inspiration is no fallacy
feeling like I'm Tony on the balcony
lookin at the world looking out at me.
Hoping that it's proud of me,
hopin that I get the chance to show another side of me.
I could work a nine to five, I don't mind,
I could either try to shine and get in the college grind.
Bottom line is I don't got a lot of time
this is why I came out the womb.
And every day out's a new way to prove that I'm the new wave.
Cookin up the sweetness it's something like a soufflé,
clear like a blue ray.
The sun ain't set till the sun shine
and I'mma keep the non believin suckers in the dark till sunrise.
From dark to sunrise, I will evolve
and sometimes remain the same when I say that...

I don't wanna wait for my life to be over
I gotta give myself a chance to be
what I knew I'd always be.
I don't wanna wait for those days when I'm older
and regret the time I wasted
so I gotta run to chase my dreams.

ayo the time we here is vital.
So I ain't tryin to idle
I'm just trying to find whats missing
If its gone i'll guide you,
if you near I'll find you,
if it's fear I'll blind you.
If you ever stressing just know I'm right there behind you.
I know the world will get you spinning
but you still winnin, you still grinning.
Glistening clear when you feel tinted
you deal with it you just hop up and bear it.
You never felt that you was there but you knew you was near it.
So go ahead move them clouds up out your eyes,
think bigger get it right up out those skies.
And no I, I won't lie, I can't tell you how to find your way
I barely know mine, I know mine...
But, I think I got it this one time
I seen the light so bright
I could get up out of this one blind.
From dark to sunrise, I will evolve
and sometimes remain the same when I say that...


Now I can barely look myself in the mirror
like a vampire starin.
I reflect in other ways
just like the light reflecting earrings.
And my life
disappearing in the night,
when I write,
it's like the sweetest thing,
just me and my mic (mike),
and I'm ike.
Got that good and plenty music for the soul
I produce my own heat
but I can do it through the Cole.
See I'm forever tryna develop like a toddler,
tryna get up on his own
and this road will be my Autobahn forever.
No breaks, no limit, go get it, live life
this is what you hear for go finish,
dream big let your mind be a kid, unscarred.
Never let anybody's reality become yours.
I know it's ok now to do it my way
I can start from today
with every brick I lay.
And build that wall till sunrise, I will evolve
and always remain the same when I say that...



released September 8, 2010
Produced by J. Cole Co Produced by Voli



all rights reserved


Elite Byram, Connecticut

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