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From Omen's Mixtape "Afraid Of Heights" www.oneomen.com


(Elite's Verse)
Ain't nothin promised I promise that I could take you on a super fly trip
I got that super size shit
and baby you could gossip if you like
go on tell ya friends
if ya man shootin blanks I could fill em in
I could feel the envy its like its in the wind
I'm that grown man shit ya'll some children
reel em in cause im realer than she used to
panties off with no hands it's like a bluetooth
a duce duce of Corona and im on ya
like I wanna bring ya home to momma
god im up in side her like a sonogram
she gon' feel it in the morning if she let me ima leave it stretchy like accordions
damn she like wow
my dick could make a stripper wanna flip it to that family lifestyle
she lookin at me type wild
like she wanna carry my child, glad I had the lifestyle
don't want a stalker, I gotta stay polite
this could get awkward, i gotta play it right
I slide to the door any way that I could call you?
she said the cab's already outside waiting for you.. bounce! wow!


released November 4, 2011
Produced by Omen



all rights reserved


Elite Byram, Connecticut

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