Welcome To The Show

by Elite

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    Freestyle Series #2



It's Elite bitch, I get ya open like a cheap stitch
I don't play mufucka I'm a cheap disc
with a scratch on it put a track on and i could run a lap on it
quicker than I fast forward through your part
shout to Omen and Dopeart
drums jerkin like the robot keys chirpin like it's Mozart
didn't mean to bogart Mr. West
I thought if you heard it maybe that you would be impressed
I thought if I murdered maybe that you'd send me a Jet
I'm the best I'm the best I'ma say it til' it manifests
yes I believe. Ain't a rookie out that's in my league
if he ain't up on my team, I'ma take em off the screen
to the hole, I don't need it, jab step back mean let it go
watch it float mufucka welcome welcome to the show

yeah welcome to the show

welcome welcome to the show

welcome to the show I, I be high I be Nate Rob
I create I be tryna imitate God
everything he gave me through the grape vine in the sky
I'ma race time til I get this break I'm
makin sure you can't shine if we on the stage at the same time
motha fucka get ya waste line up for you get ate right up
I really mean it, I'm speedin like im Phoenix
been eager since I was fetus to fill the seats in arenas
I'm a genius I'm a scholar if you gotta let em know
ten dollar coat check up at the door
welcome welcome to the show

yeah welcome to the show

welcome welcome to the show

Welcome to the show get a drink
give the thanks to the man up above
and just put ya hands up like you standin in the paint
with a man up above tryna slam it in ya face
aint a man thats above but I plan to levitate
and it aint a camera trick man it aint a Davin Blaine
I'ma motha fuckin beast I'ma damn orangoutang
whats the problem, yea I said I'd make it yea I called it
game fulla frauds think we need a fuckin audit
from the back to the sides to the front row
if you fuckin wit me wit me let me know
Welcome to the show bitch


released December 7, 2010
Photo by My Slanted Vision
Design by Blaqout Design for By Any Means



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Elite Byram, Connecticut

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