Touch The Sky

by Elite

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I swear to god, If I learned one thing in life
It's go with ya gut and strut, never think it twice
I'm sick as white chicks stickin you with ice picks
when I spit got em' flippin out like Sidekicks
priceless, Bob Barker couldn't price this
the nicest new white kid its decisive
better flows better know or get regrettable
my head is swole' I don't give a fuck, I let it grow
fed it four, five times with that last rhyme
money long as the line when it's halftime
shit, I'm lying, I'm frontin I don't have a dime
but this blond grabbing on my arm like she tatted on
gather on, come one come all
on a song, like your girls drawers I'm gone' come off
motha fucka, you spittin? I suggest you shut up
but if not better say ya prayers and get ya luck up
so wassup? Everybody want a beat though
you need mo', shit ain't easy no free throw
I'm kinda picky, what they call me Elite fo' ?
you ain't equal, less talent more ego
a veteran better than I ever been
when I'm in, hold the door, gentlemen
get my friends chedderin' get some wins, maybe get some sins,
leave ya girls shit stretched like a set of twins
flows is water the road to stardom,
I got my goals in order like rows in Borders
and I'ma beast like Hank McCoy, I'm anxious boy
a monster but stay calm I'm Brandon Roy... But
That's only when the mic is off, the stage is clear the lights is off
bitch you couldn't sell an album even price a song
I could sell the piece of paper that I write this on, Bitch
I get the jump like Mike and cross, I'm Iverson
leave you in the dust like mites I'm gone
get the buns no hype cause I'm quite withdrawn
she say I make it spray like them wipers on... What up?
It's the Dreamville villain got the fiends illin
y'all spit it so sweet I think I need a fillin
Elite kill em, gone' head' get em' boy
I wish a mufucka would like Japedo's toy
I'm gettin better boy, better take a note
I got my foot up in the door better take my coat
I wrote a goal on the wall then I make it so
I be kickin hard shit, I'm bouta break a toe
mufucka what? I though I heard a hater
if you don't love my shit, you'll prolly learn to later
Ima keep on coming, I'm the Terminator
Im determined I'ma earn it bitch and burn the game up
what the fuck! I'm bouncin on the beat a bit
bouta make believers outa doubters that Elite could spit
I'm feelin good.. I just got a cut
that ya girl? Shit it's lookin like ya out of luck
I'ma see if I could hit it.. Batter up
bitches hoppin on my dick, shit you need to take a latter up
ain't a team in the game that's as bad as us
All Madden, Hall of Fame, mufucka add it up
god willing I'ma take it to the top
and I'm bouta build a sky scraper in this vacant lot
I'm a Dreamer
tell my mom I love her when I see her
cause I'm headed to the sky, no phones, put your seat up.. I'M GONE!


released November 8, 2010
Mixed & Recorded by Elite

Artwork by TaVon Sampson for By Any Means



all rights reserved


Elite Byram, Connecticut

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